Facial Treatments

Dermalogica facial treatments

Deep Cleanser

Single Session 1h – £70

This treatment eliminates dead skin cells and provides reinvigorate the skin, helping to archive a dear and brighter complexion. We use steam to extract and improve circulation.
Treats all types of skins (with extraction)

Dry Skin


Single Sessions 1h – £65


We use special dermatological products to target dry areas and restore moisture back to the skin (with extraction)

Oily Skin

Single Sessions 1h – £65


A special clean to remove excessive oil and dirt by opening the facial pores using stream to further the process so nutrients from the mask to penetrate deeper into your skin, resulting in glowing skin (with extraction)

Acne skin

Single Sessions 1h – £70

Antibacterial professional product and a deep cleaner to get rid of bacterial excess oil and prevent further breakout, it is also used to soothe your skin. (with extraction)

Anti-Aging facial


Single Sessions 1h – £80

treatment for mature skin and will slow the reverse skin damage. Our professional treatments ensure that the customer will see long term improvements in skin quality for a younger and smoother skin structure and ton (with extraction)

Combination Skin

Single Sessions 1h – £65

Combination skin type is neither dry nor oily, it’s generally a mixture of both. If you have a Combination skin type, most of the time you will notice more oil on your forehead, nose, and chin area. The other parts would be normal or dry and vary from person to person.

Sensitive Skin

Single Sessions 1h – £68

Many people say they have sensitive skin because skincare products, or household products that contact their skin, cause stinging, burning, redness, or tightness. Here at Infinity Clinic Skin-Care, we guarantee you the best treatments for sensitive skin and we help you without any pain.

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